Beyond the Love 2018

We are having a fabulous weekend at Beyond the Love.

Elisha is downstairs teaching yoga and I am up prepping for our classes today. For those interested in the handouts that we have provided for today’s classes they can be found here.

Do you trust me? Creating and maintaining trust.

Become an Emotional Intelligence Warrior!

And don’t forget we have coloring books for sale also! Find us and check them out. Or check out the previous blog post.

Carnal Joy Coloring Books!

At last we are ready to go!

Adult coloring books are now available through as a sneak preview – before they end up on their own site. Eventually they will be at

As part of our journey, as leather title holders, we have enlisted the assistance of some local artists, @nadia.vanilla and @oldmanmuddbutt, to help us produce an adult coloring book to offer as a reward for those supporting our travel funds.

Each book comes with 15 coloring pages and a bonus poly heart coloring cover. As long as we have them available, a large version of the collage above comes along also. That’s 17 pages!

Each page is printed on 110lb white card stock. We tested a number of grains and weights and I think y’all will agree these are awesome for coloring and displaying.

We pack them in a large brown envelope so that you can individually color or share them without having to deal with clasps, perforations, or bindings. 

By offering a $30 contribution to our fund raising efforts we will provide you with a brand spanking new copy of our community inspired and locally grown adult coloring book. What’s not to love?

Please make sure and provide contact information in the “Add a note” section if you would like one of our new coloring books as a gift.

If you are with us at a conference or otherwise local and want to arrange a physical delivery just let us know and feel free to lower the donation to $25 since there is no shipping involved.

All mailings will be sealed and look like this (the mailing label will cover our label). 

If you would like to contribute to our travel fund without the glorious bonus award you can do that also. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.  We can be reached at

Please make sure and provide contact information in the “Add a note” section if you would like one of our new coloring books as a gift.

Welcome one and all

We, at Truly Beloved, are dedicated to the education and support of a sex positive lifestyle. We conduct classes and discussion groups in the kink and polyamorous communities. Locally, we facilitate the Arizona Chapter of Loving More and present at Arizona Power Exchange.

As part of this journey we have enlisted the assistance of some local artists (@nadia.vanilla and @oldmanmuddbutt) to help us produce an adult coloring book to sell for travel funds.

We also have an online store with merchandise featuring our new logo, created by @oldmanmmuddbutt.

We present and travel nationally when we can.

Please see our current schedule dates and topics.

We believe that shared knowledge is important to the success of these communities and work to gather information and experiences to share with others. 

We are most proud of having recently been awarded educational titles in the leather community.

These titles will aid us in our desires to educate and support others on the subject of well negotiated, highly structured, hierarchical relationship dynamics.

Our presentations offer opportunities to discuss how we and others have been successful in a lifestyle built on the principles of guidance, support, and growth to enable a more prosperous and bountiful future inspired by the values of honor, integrity, and respect we found in the leather community. And we teach stuff.

A life of conscious intent.


Yoga for Kink – exploring the benefits of both

After that? Who knows for sure. Maybe a blog, a podcast, maybe some of our presentations. We are here to educate and to share in whatever way seems to work best.