Presentations and Discussions

Sharing our stories through classes, presentations, and facilitated discussions.

The current series of classes and discussions we facilitate are designed as a sensible way to tackle an important topic to consensual non-monogamists and being a part of non-traditional relationships.

The order of the discussion series is intended to take us on a journey of self-discovery, and while it is expected to build a little bit each month your hard work from the previous month; it has also been developed to work as standalone sessions for those that can only go to some, or one. The really hard work is always yours to do once you leave, but we are looking forward to sharing our continued journey and learning about yours.

These sessions come in 3 flavors, or lengths, and are presented twice locally.

The first one will be at the monthly Loving More event that occurs at Little Szechuan in Tempe.


We are long time organizers with Arizona Polyamory Events and host this events through that group also. There is often an orientation for that group during our events that starts after the discussion.  


The Little Szechuan, Loving More event is TV-14. Dinner begins at 6:30 pm, our discussion lasts 1 hour, ending at 8:00 pm (really, 8:15 pm). The food is great and we typically fill the main dining room.

The following month, when appropriate, the same topic will be at Arizona Power Exchange. These are member only events. The APEX event is Mature Audiences only and lasts 2 hours. I cuss more, nakedness is allowable if appropriate. Sometimes even if not.


The third version of our classes is what we present at conferences. We tailor those to the audience that is present but are most like what is presented at Arizona Power Exchange. That schedule is available here or on Facebook.

The current listing of classes (subject to change):

January – Designer Relationships – general overview of nontraditional relationships
February – Polyamory 101 – specific to poly history and lifestyle, research information
March – Living M/s (how and why we do it what we do) – power exchange and hierarchy
April – Emotional Intelligence I – self discovery
May – Consent/Boundaries – building boundaries and understanding consent
June – Kink 101 – some basics of play and what not
July – STI/STD – know your body and your risk accpetance
August – Dating, Playing, Fucking – information on apps, clubs, groups
September – Trust I – working on the relationships
October – Trust II – continued with more exercises
November – Jealousy, Envy, FOMO – learning to be happy with you
December – Emotional Intelligence II – finishing up with the social pillar

More information on schedules can be found at the following locations:
Truly Beloved Facebook

Loving More Facebook

Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) calendar

Arizona Polyamory Events