When we began our journey together

and had no idea what we were doing or what we should do next, but we yearned to feel authentic. We wanted to feed that burning, to take on life and suck out the marrow, to be our unique and powerful selves.

There have been challenges, but living a life of intent; being polyamorous with a negotiated power exchange structure, has allowed us to explore the deepest of our desires and to bring light into the darkness in which we sometimes play.

Chris and elisha standing together at South Plains 2019

We research, teach, and live in the BDSM and non-monogamous communities.

We practice hierarchical polyamory in our house.

Our work and research continues around co-creating better intimate relationships.

  • Polyamory / Non-monogamy
  • Power Exchange / Authority Transfer 
  • Emotional Intelligence / Trust
  • Consent / Negotiations 
  • Adult Play

For us, relearning to play was a big part in our healing. 

We wanted to share and now have a private dungeon space where you can do your own exploring in a studio AirBnB at our place.