During the summer of 2015 I ran off to Denver for the weekend to take a much needed escape and get a fresh mental start.

Through of combinations of coincidences and catastrophes I ended up at Thunder in the Mountains, one of the premier kink, leather, and BDSM conferences in the country. Our world was forever changed by that trip.

At the time I was already researching the perceptions of hierarchy and success in long term polyamorous relationships, but the world of kinky and leather people I found provided a brand new lens into how that could and did work for some communities. They lived in a world that had hierarchy and power exchange. A world full of directed, and expected, negotiations where people discussed each individual’s personal wants and desires and how to make that happen. They professed a mantra of honor, integrity, and respect as they worked towards more fulfilled lives of authenticity and intent. They enthusiastically wanted to learn more about themselves and their partners in ways neither elisha or I had ever encountered before. We wanted to learn from them. We wanted to share their stories. We wanted to be a part of this tribe.

People shared their stories with us, and we started to share ours.

We found that by sharing our stories, and listening to theirs, we all became stronger, smarter, better.

We began leading the lives we were meant to. We became more deliberate in our personal and relationships goals and we worked together to make those dreams happen. Moving forward our continued research and education we will focus on outreach and support as sex positive educational publishers and presenters in the kink, leather, BDSM, and consensual non-monogamy communities. We will help others learn how they too can live lives that are Truly Beloved.